Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy

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Front cover of the Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy

The Queensland Drive Tourism Strategy 2013-2015, launched 24 January 2013, was developed to encourage more travellers to take a driving holiday in Queensland.

It aims to build stronger partnerships between government and industry by outlining 29 actions to be delivered over three years. It was a key outcome of the 2012 DestinationQ Forum.

More information about drive tourism in Queensland is available at Business Queensland (Business and Industry Portal).

Six month strategy reports

Six monthly reports highlight key achievements and progress in implementing the strategy's 29 actions.

An online summary of the latest 6 month report is available below.

Three key achievements of the strategy to date include the:

  • Camping Options Toolkit  
  • Best Practice Guide for Roadside Rest Areas  
  • Tourist Accommodation in Resource Regions Report  

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