Ecotourism is a key component of Queensland’s tourism industry and the Queensland Government fosters growth in this sector to increase jobs, overnight visitor expenditure and visitor numbers.

The Queensland Government is committed to creating more opportunities to showcase Queensland’s natural beauty while preserving these natural assets for future generations.

The Queensland Government will grow ecotourism and will partner with potential investors to:

  • create high quality sustainable ecotourism products, experiences and activities that offer visitors something new and unique
  • enhance Queensland's reputation as a world leading ecotourism destination
  • support economic growth and long-term job creation
  • maximise the public benefit.

Queensland Ecotourism Development Toolkit

The Queensland Ecotourism Development Toolkit provides developers and investors with the knowledge and guidelines to help you make informed decisions regarding the development of ecotourism products on different land tenures.

This toolkit has been produced in consultation with key landholding agencies, investors, the tourism industry and other key stakeholders.

Combined with advice and assistance from your town planner and professional advisors, the toolkit can help you:

  • create an ecotourism development proposal for securing necessary approvals
  • gain an understanding of the ecotourism development process and how to navigate the planning and regulatory approvals process.

Read the Queensland Ecotourism Development Toolkit

Queensland Ecotourism Investment Climate

The Queensland Government encourages private investment into ecotourism opportunities for the ‘right concept’ at the ‘right place’ for the ‘right investor’. The Nature Conservation Act 1992 allows low impact, sustainable ecotourism opportunities on protected areas that focus on presentation and appreciation of an area’s natural and cultural values, and does not involve modification of the natural environment for activities contrary to this purpose.

Policies and plans

These policies and plans have been developed to ensure nature-based tourism is recognised as a legitimate land use in Queensland planning provisions and to encourage local governments to support ecotourism development opportunities that can complement rural and conservation land uses.

The Queensland Government has now released the Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2016-20 (The Plan). The Plan aims to promote a fresh approach to ecotourism and provides strategic vision and direction to make Queensland an internationally celebrated ecotourism destination.

The Plan seeks to provide tourism operators, government, community and other stakeholders with clear direction on how Queensland will leverage its competitive advantage to become a bold, innovative, world leader in ecotourism.

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